Virgin Islands Search and Rescue (VISAR)

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1 284 494 4357
1 284 494 6613
A National Emergency Committee is responsible for coordinating National Distress and Mass Casualties operations. VISAR is a self-taskin SAR provider that operates it's own rescue coordination suite. VISAR works closely with the US Coast Guard. VISAR has limited capability for RDF on 121.5 or 243 MHz. There is currently no 24 hr listening watch on VHF 16 in the BVI. This is covered by the USCG Greater Antilles Section in San Juan, Puerto Rico. VISAR is a volunteer force and is not manned 24 hrs., however rescue coordinators and lifeboat crews are on call 24 hrs. VISAR can be activated by calling +1 284 499 0911. - Admiralty NM 01/04.
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