MRCC Jersey

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44 0 1534 447705
44 0 1534 499089
The Channel Islands area is wholly enclosed within the French SAR region and is split into two zones for Search and Rescue operations. Jersey controlling the Southern Area (Jersey Territorial waters), including the Ecrehou and Minquiers reefs and Guernsey controlling the Northern Area, which includes Alderney, Sark and the other small islands. In the Northern Area, in addition to Guernsey, Alderney is a recognized sub-station. The Channel Islands area is recognized as extending up to 12 n miles from the coastline or the median line, whichever is the nearer. Both Jersy Radio and S Peter Port Radio maintain a continuous listening watch on VHF Ch 16 and DSC Ch 70. Alderney Coast Guard maintains watch on VHF Ch 16 during daylight hours. Liaison with UK and France is with MRCC Falmouth and CROSS Jobourg. - - Added ANM 4/11
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