RCC Australia, Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)

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61(0)2 6230 6811 rccaus@amsa.gov.au
61(0)2 6230 6868
RCC Austraila, a JRCC, is situated in Canberra and is the national agency for Maritime, Aviation SAR in the Australian SRR. RCC Australia is also responsible for the AUStralian Ship REPorting System (AUSREP) (see ALRS Volume 6 Part 4 (NP286(4)) for details). Messages are received either directly through Inmarsat or through the HF DSC network. - - Telemedical Assistance Service: CareFlight provides medical advice. Contact via RCC Australia, HF DSC. Inmarsat SAC 32 via LES 212 or 312. Consultation language: English - - ANM 40/11
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  • new = Hi my name is Wainoni Roa from Papua New Guinea. who had a intending girlfriend to be my wife from vaunatu.I'am trying to get intouch with my her at vanuatu at sanma province luganville santo but i cant get intouch with her for last 3 to 4 days now, and am so worried. Please am asking kindly if u guys could at least link me up with the team at northern province of vanuatu luganville santo. So i could at least check and talk to my future wife please.

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  • old = www.amsa.gov.au/search_and_rescue
  • new = http://www.amsa.gov.au/search_and_rescue

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