Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

Type: , Country: , SRR:
Latitude, Longitude:
7 495 626 1000
7 495 626 9038 Alternate: 626 9128
MRCC Moskva is responsible for co-ordinating Search and Rescue operations and liaising with Search and Rescue services of neighbouring countries in accordance with intergovernmental agreements. A network of coast radio stations maintains a continuous listening watch on international distress frequencies. - - NORTHERN SEAS - The following frequencies are reserved for distress calls and are not to be used for general communication: 6211 kHz, 4138 kHz & 500 kHz. In all areas except Beloye More and Barents Sea a three minute watch will be maintained on 500 kHz from 15 min past each hour and on 6211 kHz and 4138 kHz from 45 min past each hour. - - ANM 49/07
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