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64 4 473 0111 MNZ Head Office 64-4-914-8384 (RCCNZ Office Admin.)
64 4 494 1263 MNZ Head Office 64-4-914-8391 (RCCNZ Office Admin.)
Rescue Co-ordination Centre New Zealand (RCCNZ) is responsible for the coordination of land, sea and air search and rescue in the New Zealand Search & Rescue Region (NZSRR). RCCNZ which is based at lower Hutt, near Wellington covers all types of operations and is the only declared RCC for New Zealand. The Maritime Operations Centre, which is colocated with RCCNZ, is where the Maritime New Zealand remotely controls 28 VHF statiions. The MF, VHF Coast Radio Station, Taupo Maritime Radio(ZLM), located in central North Island, is also remotely controlled from Maritme Operations Centre at Lower Hutt. Taupo Maritime Radio maintains a continous listening watch on international distress frequencies. A voluntary ship reporting system has been established for all vessels operating in the NZSAR area south of 60 S, for the purpose of assisting RCCNZ in coordinating SAR operations in that area (60 S to the southern edge of the Ross Sea bounded by 163 E to 131 W). All vessels are requested to notify Taupo Maritime Radio on entry to and departure from the area and are also encouraged to make daily position reports. Information provided will be used for SAR purposes only. Contact Taupo Maritime radio via Inmarsat C 582-451-200-067, HF, Email: or telephone +64-4-91-48333. - ANM 28/04
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