Canadian Coast Guard Headquarters

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1 613 990 3119 (Mon-Fri Office Hours) 0800-1700 Eastern Time (UTC +6 winter +5 summer)
1 613 996 8902 (Mon-Fri Office Hours)
The Canadian Forces (CF) have overall responsibility for the coordination of Search and Rescue (SAR) activities in Canada, including Canadian waters and adjacent seas off the coast of Canada, and for the provision of dedicated SAR aircraft in support of maritime SAR incidents. The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) coordinates maritime SAR activities within this SAR zone, in co-operation with CF, and provides dedicated maritime SAR vessels in strategic locations. Joint Rescue Coordination Centres (JRCC) are maintained at Victoria, B.C., Trenton, Ont. and Halifax, N.S. These centres are manned H24 by CF and CCG personnel. A Marine Rescue Sub-Centre (MRSC) is located in Québec City, Québec to coordinate local SAR operations. Contact is established through the Canadian Coast Guard Radio Stations which provide coverage on all marine distress frequencies or through Inmarsat. - - Telemedical Assistance Service: Contact any Canadian CRS, JRCC/MRSC - Prefix the message 'Radio Medico' medical advice will be provided by any regional hospital. Possible consultation languages: English and French. Interpreters may be provided for other languages. - - ANM 30/12
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